Our Classrooms

Small-Sized Rooms

Our small-sized rooms are suitable for small group activities, job interviews, craft workshops, child development programs, language courses, coaching, casting, photoshoots, filming, private tutoring, and vocational trainings.

  • maximum capacity: 20 participants (seated)
  • area: 20-33 m2

Mid-Sized Rooms

We offer our mid-sized rooms as a venue of small events, for tertiary education, examination, upskill courses, communication trainings, dance classes, yoga classes, relaxation trainings, physical therapy classes, body-shaping classes, self-defence courses, birthing classes, club meetings, group sessions, theatrical groups, frontal instruction, and all sorts of trainings.

  • maximum capacity: 50 participants (seated)
  • area: 37-66 m2

Big-Sized Rooms

Our big-sized rooms are suitable for big events, conferences, larger courses, lectures, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, fairs, film screenings, meetings, award ceremonies, auctions, standing receptions, educational competitions, product display events.

  • maximum capacity: 110 participants (seated)
  • area: 69-126 m2